Jacksonville Software Architecture Group is a a venue to explore and solve software architecture problems through monthly meetings with speaker presentations and networking. We meet every 4th Tuesday of the month at the Bank of America Building 500 (9000 Southside Blvd. Jacksonville, FL)

It’s free to join (actually, just come to our meetings, there’s no ‘join’ process) and we always have stuff for you to eat. We would like to thank Bank of America for providing an awesome facility for our meetings and Microsoft (especially Joe Healy!) for continued support through promotion and swag.


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  • Marc Blakely says:

    I have yet to attend one of the meetings, but I certainly appreciate the effort in putting a group like this together. We can all share the knowledge and keep the Jacksonville software architectural community informed of contemporary issues and solutions. I look forward to attending the next meeting.

  • Justin says:

    What time are the meetings?

  • Hi – I am a MVP here in Jacksonville and run a tech website called WindowsObserver.com. I would love to hook up with you all at the 3 Dec meeting and get some comments about WP7 and give you all some coverage. Please contact me on Twitter @WinObs to discuss further – thanks. Rich

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