February 25th – Node.JS and Native apps Utilizing Node-Webkit

April 14, 2014 § Leave a comment

While David is out of town this week, Scott Roycraft has accepted the presentation torch and nod-webkitwill be presenting tonight on node.js together with the node-webkit which lev
erages Chromium and node.js and lets you call node.js modules directly from the DOM using familiar technologies (HTML\JavaScript) that runs in a modern HTML5 browser and JavaScript engine to create native web applications.

Scott’s presentation is based on a real world proof-of-concept app for one of his projects and will include: Basic setup, creation, build and execution of a web-app. As well as the parsing of a CSV file and presenting the data in a KendoUI grid. For fun he downloaded a food violation dataset for Jacksonville to import — there certainly some restaurants to avoid!

Also I would like to introduce O’Reilly Publishing to our group of sponsors. Upon discovering our presenter David (now Scott) and his topic, The community team at O’Reilly are donating pre-publication JavaScript, Node.JS, and HTML5 Mobile books that we will be giving away at our meetings.  They also have provided all of our attendees with 40% off discount vouchers and an invitation to our future and past presenters to receive their choice of pre-publication books so they might provide reviews!


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