Follow Up Meeting – Hadoop – Taming Big Data

July 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Thank you so much Ovi and everyone that challenged the storm to make it to our June meeting! It was a great meeting and Ovi has provided his slides online at Please feel free to ask any follow up questions on his main website for the Jacksonville Mobile User Group http://

Honestly, I had no idea we would have such a fantastic turnout and presentation on such a terrible night. I’m proud to just be around a group of such energetic professionals from so many disciplines with such diversely brilliant points of view, much less to actually be a part of it.

Also, I want to offer so many thanks again to Sandi and Lynda at TekSystems for bringing us dinner. It is so awesome to pick up the tab for all of us every month and we are so thankful, but to fight the pounding rain and flooding around the BOA campus, stop off at home on the way to the meeting so we would have ice, deliver it all upstairs yourselves, then stay for the meeting goes far beyond the best of sponsors. Thank you, I am proud to be a TekSystems client and your friend.

Finally, thank you everyone for your unending support and dedication, and for believing in the importance of all of our local software user groups!
Mathew Somers


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