Tuesday, September 27th Meeting: Windows 8, BDD, Scrum

September 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

When: 6:00 PM Meet & Greet, 6:30 PM Presentations
Where: Bank of America, 9000 Southside Blvd., Building 500 (click here to map)

Windows 8: First Look
With Microsoft BUILD conference happening right before our September meeting, everybody will get many questions answered about what the next version of Windows OS will look like and what programming model will be needed to build applications to run on it. We will briefly (10-15 mins) discuss Windows 8 at the beginning of our meeting.

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) with .NET, Cucumber and TFS
Behavior Driven Development is the natural evolution from Test Driven Development and involves a deeper understanding of business logic attached to specifications. Far too often we design our software from a technical perspective when we should be focusing on the domain instead. BDD addresses specifically that. All tests that are written can be attached to expectations dictated by the stakeholder, which in turn are realized via source code. Contrary to popular belief, TDD is not a requirement before getting started with BDD and the community has found that BDD is easier for newcomers to learn than traditional TDD. Come learn how to write some specs and make your software behave more like it was intended.

Angelo Kastroulis: Interpreting Sprint Progress
Scrum was revised by its founders in July. Some of the changes (especially to the Burndown chart) will be discussed. Whether you use a Burndown chart or some other means to evaluate progress, how do you interpret the findings? We’ll also discuss how we can use the Sprint Retrospective to effectively gather data.

About Sean Chambers: Sean Chambers is the Director of Development/Agile Coach for ACI Inc. in Palm Coast, Florida. He has expertise in open source projects ranging from NHibernate, The Castle Project, Cruise Control, TeamCity, FluentMigrator and many other open source tools and frameworks. He has been practicing TDD/Agile methodologies since 2004 and is always reviewing new techniques and tools that aid in the agile development process. Blog: http://schambers.lostechies.com

About Angelo Kastroulis: Angelo Kastroulis has been building software for over 15 years and has actively been involved with Agile development practices for 13 years. Angelo has helped many Jacksonville organizations implement Agile and Scrum techniques and engineering practices. Although Angelo has held several high level roles with various companies, he loves writing code and helping others get the most out of Agile. Angelo was most recently the CTO of Xpress Technologies, has published several books on .net and C#, holds a Professional Scrum Master II certification, and has served in the roles of Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Team Member throughout the years.

Registration link: http://jaxarcsig-sept2011.packedhouseevents.com

Once again, we thank TEK Systems for their continuous support of our group.


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