September 28, 2010 Meeting

August 3, 2009 § 1 Comment

Tuesday, September 28th 6:00 PM (Pizza & Networking), 6:30 PM Presentation.  
Brian Ritchie: Document Databases & RavenDB  
Document databases and the NOSQL movement are providing developers & architects new ways to solve the problems presented by Internet-scale systems and complex data requirements. 
This session will cover:
1) The basics of document databases
2) How document databases fit into your architecture
3) What is RavenDB & how does it work
 Brian Ritchie has nearly 20 years of experience in Software Development and is Chief Architect at Payformance Corporation where he leads the architecture & technology direction.  Payformance’s flagship product PaySpan Health is a SASS solution built on a multi-terabyte SQL Server database processing over 150 million health care claims per year. Prior to joining Payformance, Brian co-founded AMSI, a software company in the mortgage-backed securities industry. He has also developed solutions for the military, weather, and travel industries. 
Brian’s involvement in the development community includes contributing to Mono (the open source version of .NET) by developing its ADO.NET Provider Factory, ODBC.NET Data Provider and adding HTTPS support to XSP. He created the Substratum Application Server (hosted on CodePlex).  He also runs with the most complete .NET language list on the Internet and a Daily Dilbert image service serving a million images a month to SharePoint portals across the globe.
Download slides from Brian’s presentation:  RavenDB Presentation  

Questions/Comments?  E-mail them to or call Eugene Chuvyrov at (904) 887-1787. 

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